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FolkJam© is a new Finnish form of dance-inspired exercise. It is a dance-based fitness class, where you can experience social interaction and the joy of moving to music. It is aimed at all ages and skill levels. Each “FolkJammer” is to feel comfortable within their own bodies and as such FolkJam® is also suitable for people with limited physical movement or other disabilities.

FolkJam© group exercise classes promise to provide a challenge even for the more experienced dancers with fast and engaging moves but you can regulate the effectiveness of your workout yourself. Classes also include peaceful moods. Skilled and inspiring instructors will ensure the whole class enjoys a good atmosphere and the joy of physical activity while increasing aerobic fitness and unwinding. Each participant moves within their own abilities, challenging themselves.

FolkJam© is proudly made in Finland and guaranteed to be different with many features of traditional Finnish dance and music. It emphasizes the importance of experiencing the movement from within rather than focusing on how it looks from the outside.

Come along, alone or with friends. No dance partner required!


FolkJam© is a new Finnish form of dance-based fitness program. Dance instructors from the School of Dance at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) were the inspiration behind the project. FolkJam is 100% Finnish and created and developed by students and staff of the Oulu UAS in cooperation with dance professionals. Since 2007 the idea of FolkJam® has gone through the development process and now FolkJam® is ready to reach out to dance sports enthusiasts from all over Finland.

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